6 Weeks with Albert Speer (2018)

A chair checkered with nails in front of a long mirror.
Pages from an an old edition of Playboy.
And all this text — it’s an interview with the repentant nazi Speer. 
If you can get distracted from your own image, you can see that the empty chair reflecting differently in the mirror. 

In 1971, a few years after his release from Spandau Prison, Albert Speer gave an extensive interview to Playboy Magazine. In it, Hitler’s former architect and Minister of Armament — one of the most important figures of the Third Reich — gives a simultaneously elusive and self-incriminating account of his role in the regime and reflects on the dehumanising face of totalitarianism. 
The interview is spread throughout the magazine and the reader has to leaf through photos, adverts and others texts in order to access it. 6 weeks with Albert Speer reproduces the interview in full with all the adjoining pages. In an attempt to reflect on our consumption of history, pornography, and horror, the work invites viewers to ponder their own position in regards to such material. 

Presented as part of the “Overwriting” exhibition at the Archive Gallery /Rose Lipman Building, London.