_____Of the Future (Feminist) Housewife (2018)

In a memorial garden, against the backdrop of the London skyline : a small enclosure of bricks under a brick wall, with a pink dollhouse enclosed. 
No beds, no kitchen, no toilet. Little figurines look out of the window. The earth has been recently churned. 
Someone scribbled in black graffiti: “No prejudice”.

 _____ Of the Future (Feminist) Housewife is a piece that was created following an interview with a sex worker. The works attempts to link two snippets from our conversation related to prejudice and personal dreams and goals. In the words of curator Aubree Penney: “It addresses the prejudices which accompany women’s choice of labour — be it sex work, domestic work or otherwise. The work examines the moralising of desire, which is instilled even in childhood.” 

Presented at the “Outside” Exhibition — for which artists  were paired for interviews with sex workers —  at Cross Bones Graveyard, London.