Their lines have grown soft (2019)


If I don’t look at it, maybe, the list disappears. 

Maybe it disappears if I stare hard enough. 


Their lines have grown soft is the first iteration of is ongoing research about the Russian avant-garde. Bringing together performance, video and installations throughout a series of spaces, it evokes the avant garde’s gradual demise and the shrinking space of modernist art under stalinism.

Visitors are invited to wander through a series of rooms, each evoking a specific moment, ranging from 1924 to 1940. A fictionalised re-enactment of Malevich’s funeral or an “exiled constructivist’s” texts confront the visitor along meticulously researched snippets and atmospheres. Mingling gestures of reenactment, commemoration and fiction, it aims to sketch the boundaries of art’s possible claims and dangers.

Presented at Goldsmiths College. An in-depth documentation of the work can be found here.