NEWS (2018)

A floor is covered in a thick layer of wood chipping. Two indications on the wall : RECOVER IT and COVER IT UP. Visitors can step in, follow the words in the rising dust and find four etchings on wood. 
Then, they must cover it up, bring the dust back. 
Then, they ought to leave. 

NEWS is an installation made of wood and two brooms. Under the wood chipping, viewers can RECOVER wood engravings reproducing 4 prints from Goya’s Disasters of War (1810-1820) before having to COVER IT UP. Through these actions, visitors become active participants in the work : swaying between forgetting and remembrance, and the complicity and guilt that these processes can trigger. At the intersection of playfulness, craft, and the cycles of creation and war.

Presented at the Goldsmiths MFA interim show 2018, London.