Our long walls (2015)

Photos hang in a university corridor. Sealed and unstable - only your hands can stabilise them. 

Voices testify on the wall. Visitors, students, professors have to go there and back,
there and back
to match the nameless voices with what they see.

Our long walls is an invitation to explore the diversity of narrations and experiences linked to European boundaries. The presentation aims to illustrate the fluctuating and troubling relationship that link us - citizens, tourists, onlookers - to these realities. The exhibition consists of 60 photos; their showcasing evokes simultaneously an investigation (they are placed in zipper-locked plastic bags) and familiarity (their small format is inserted into small frames). Brief descriptions — mimicking different point of views — are placed along the wall; the photos are hanging, mid-air. The exhibition's space is thus created by a corridor formed by visitors’ movements; they must reach out towards the hanging bags in order to access the material and go back and forth between the wall in order to learn more about their content. On the bags themselves, the number of kilometres separating Frankfurt an der Oder from the location where the photo was shot serves as the only description. Between familiarity and abstraction, the showcased material forms a choir of conflicting voices.

Our long walls — a title echoing Thucydides — was first presented at at Viadrina University, Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany in 2015.