Papers of Kit (2018)

Texts disperse on the wall, recounting a friendship with a poet.
A black man invigilates, made up, and with a penknife in his pocket. He cajoles the audience one by one, threatens, appropriates —  parts of the artwork disappear. 
Chairs facing the stage are standing oblique against each other : maybe this play cannot be seen.

Papers of Kit recounts an encounter with a man who calls himself Marlowe. A mysterious and magnetic figure, his relationship with the author sees them explore the underbelly of London and in particular Deptford — the same area where the Elizabethan poet Kit (Christopher) Marlowe was assassinated at the end of the 16th century. 

The exhibit showcases muskets bullets and original 18th and 19th century prints. To guard these artefacts, an invigilator named Chris (Kit) was hired and tasked with taking care of visitors. He gradually starts using this occasion as a platform to air his opinions and grievances regarding both the artist and the work. While seductive with many viewers — discussing race, gentrification and poetry —  he also claims at times to be the real author of the piece and even sells parts of it. 

A work that explores what lays at the edge of poetry and theatre, while simultaneously evoking Deptford’s rich and shifting history. 

Presented in the framework of the exhibition "All places shall be hell that is not heaven" at Bilt Mansions, Deptford.