Catalogues / Sketch of Europe (2015)

The most important part of this exhibition are the catalogues.
Do they tell the truth ?
Whose ?
Oh, well

Presented at a few day's interval in 2015, Catalogues and Sketch of Europe use the same material and methodology. 

Sketch of Europe is an attempt to draw a mental map of Europe. More than 200 photographs collected during fieldwork from 2013 on are displayed, forming forests, rivers, seas, centres of army and press, refugee camps and, far away, lost at sea, the island of Lampedusa. Texts accompanying the photos are hanging at the entrance of the space, forcing the visitor to cross this forest of words before accessing the wall. The space formed by this dialogue allows the visitor to seek a way through the different threads — both visual and textual — and form their own itinerary.

Sketch of Europe was first presented in November 2015 at Studio 20, Yerevan, one of the very few independent art spaces in Armenia. The opening included a reading of excerpts of the texts. 

Catalogues aims to offer the visitor an interactive and reflexive experience, questioning our relationship to borders and the link between text and image in the creation of a narrative. At first glance, the exhibition consists of 20 analog photographs presented without any text; commentaries, explanations and additional photos are provided by four different exhibition catalogues, each presenting a different perspective on the photos. Supplying the visitors with a vast material, Catalogues allows them to produce different narratives and experience the exhibition differently each time while simultaneously confronting them with their own representations of the borderland. Finally, it invites the viewers to contribute their own thoughts on the pictures, making them active participants in the work. 

Catalogues was first presented at the Georgian Tapestry Museum in the framework of Artisterium contemporary art festival, Tbilisi, Georgia in 2015. During the vernissage, selected parts of the catalogues were read with musical accompaniment.