Sketch of Europe (2015)

Sketch of Europe is an attempt to draw a mental map of Europe, divided by a variety of boundaries into a set of regions. More than 200 photographs collected during fieldwork from 2013 on are displayed on a white wall, forming forests, rivers, seas, centres of army and press, refugee camps and, far away, lost at sea, the island of Lampedusa. Texts accompanying the photos are hanging at the entrance of the space, forcing the visitor to cross this forest of words before accessing the wall. The space formed by this dialogue allows the visitor to seek a way through the different threads — both visual and textual — and form her/his own itinerary.

Sketch of Europe was first presented in November 2015 at Studio 20, Yerevan, one of the very few independent art spaces in Armenia. The opening included a reading of excerpts of the texts.