From under the city (2016)

Lots of letters in this archive...
Can you keep them ?
Please take as many as you want !Just sign this contract
and there you go. 

Created during a residency in Lublin, Poland, From Under the City questions how, where and why the concept of boundaries is – or can be – relevant within this urban space. This question was explored through workshops with locals, photographing the city’s outskirts and research using historical and online material. Bringing to the surface silent, hidden or unconscious memories, the collected information was presented in the form of an archive : the data was cataloged and inserted into envelopes that were subsequently classified in alphabetical order. The exhibited material consists of more than 1000 envelopes and 120 separate photos.

Every visitor is able to take home the parts of the Archive she/he wishes to keep. In order to do so, one only has to sign a contract, specifying the material and pledging to keep it safe and showing to anyone who would ask for it. Thus, more than a simple invitation to visit an exhibition, From under the city is an opportunity for every visitor to become a keeper of the memory of the city.

This Archive was publicly presented in 2016 at the House of Words// NN Theatre in Lublin, Poland, within the framework of the Global Grand Central project in collaboration with LSS Residencies.