Room in a wall (2017)


and you find yourself
in a large house with many windows open
running from room to room, not knowing from where to look out first,
because the pine trees will vanish, and the mirrored mountains, and the chirping of birds
the sea will empty
— G.S., The Thrush

Room in a wall is a multi sensory exhibition composed of a series of installations dispersed throughout an abandoned home. Evoking the broad theme of boundaries and refugees, it explores the modalities through which representations of these topics are created, enforced and accessed. Through the prism of the loss and construction of memory, the installation offers viewers a multiplicity of perspectives and interactive possibilities.

Room in a wall  is composed of a dysfunctional domestic spaces —  a space in re/de-reconstruction, in transit, divided. Each room within the space has a distinct atmosphere and present a particular viewpoint on borders and refugees’ journeys — ranging from a corporate conference room to an archive, a private bedroom or a cell within a migrant reception center.  A 56’ looped experimental/noise soundtrack combining field recordings, news reports — both old and new — talk shows, interviews and commercials serves as the soundscape for the videos and material presented within the exhibition. Invited into this labyrinthine space, surrounded by the choir of multiple voices and narratives, the visitors are encouraged to find their own path, find the modalities of dialogue and symbolically renegotiate their relation to the borderland. 

Presenting material gathered from 2013 to 2017 along European borders, Room in a wall was first presented in March 2017 in Paphos, Cyprus, within the framework of the European Cultural Capital 2017 program.