Neuchâtel for you (2016)

A one-day exhibition/reading staged in Neuchâtel, presenting testimonies answering the question "What does Neuchâtel mean to you ?". By showcasing the city as a passage, where very diverse itineraries criss-cross and meet, the project aimed to underline the common experience of migration, travel and otherness as well as evoke the city as space shared by global travellers.

Rev. Mordechai E. Blaze (2018-)

In the wake of the 2018 nation-wide university teacher strike of Great Britain, the singular figure of Rev.Mordechai E. Blaze emerged. A tireless orator dedicated to justice and education, he has been seen conjuring and exorcising with an iron will and a pure heart. 
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The god's hollow (2012-2013)

Delphi: the God's hollow is the result of an extended stay in Southern Greece and Delphi that allowed for research on the conception of space in Antiquity. Through an approach both phenomenological and source-based, this article (published by Desmos, Lausanne) evokes the unique richness and beauty of Delphi's space.

On the traces of the Argonauts (2014) 

On the traces of the Argonauts: yesterday to today is  a research travel project that won the first prize of the "Voyages extraordinaires" program awarded by the 1796 Foundation (Geneva). Its itinerary followed the Argonauts' mythical search for the Golden Fleece around the Black Sea and the Balkans, documenting through photographs and interviews the hellenic heritage left on their way.

Lethe (2011-2012)

Lethe is a 27’ fiction film inspired by a story from Greek mythology : the descent of Theseus and Pirithoos to the Underworld after making the careless bet of abducting the Queen of the Dead. Placed in a spatial and temporal uncertainty, shot in an old factory under a theatrical light, Lethe is an initiation film set in the interstice between reality and myth.