Memory, Untitled (2017)

We’re back in our library.
Let the fire find its way. For now, it’s warm, cozy,
and we don’t need much more to read.

Memory, Untitled is an interactive installation inspired by and dedicated to the lost archives of Abkhazia. A metaphoric reconstruction of an archival space, it incorporates memories submitted by locals through an open call, historical video, audio and photographic footage as well as dreams I wrote relating to events and places from Abkhaz history. Underlined by a multi-layered soundtrack, this complex material is dispersed between two screens, three monitors, shelves and disused library catalogue cards and card holders; the different methods of classification and presentation echo the multiplicity of voices and material found in any archive. The space thus created is both intimate and universal, comforting and troubling — allowing the visitors to explore it freely depending on their own interests and rhythm.

Based on impressions and interviews made during a research trip in summer 2015, Memory, Untitled is the first participatory artwork to be ever presented in Abkhazia. As such, it hopes to function both as a memorial for the lost archives and as an invitation for locals to consider the modalities of keeping and presenting collective memory. A re-enactment of the archival gesture, the work beckons the visitors to become active participants in re- imagining and re-creating their own archives. 

Memory, Untitled was presented for the launch of SKLAD AIR, the first residency program in Abkhazia hosted by SKLAD - the only cultural initiative in Abkhazia promoting contemporary art and international collaborations. An in-depth presentation of the work can be found here